Greg Nielsen

Chercheur régulier dans l’axe de recherche : Nation, nationalisme et diversité (Axe I).
Professeur, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University.
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Social theory, history of ideas, interdisciplinary studies, citizenship studies, postnationalism, media, the city.Professeur, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University.

Formation académique

– SSHRC Postdoc, Université de Montreal.
– Ph.D., Université de Montréal.
– M.A., Concordia University.
– B.A. Honors, University of Regina.

Affiliations professionnelles

Director, Concordia Centre for Broadcasting Studies:]

Member of South-North Exchange on Law, Theory and Culture.

Publications pertinentes

Activités de recherche


1. 2000-2005.Executive co-investigator Social Science and Humanities MCIR Grant. The Culture of Cities : Montreal, Toronto, Berlin, Dublin. 2000-2005. Co-executive investigator in citizenship studies. This is a multi-university and interdisciplinary comparative study of Second Tier Cities in the context of globalization and the complexities of national cultures in the era of the postnationalist state. The research problematic is drawn primarily from the sociology of culture but also from communications, cultural anthropology, political science and philosophy, cultural studies, urban studies, urban geography, literature, fine arts and architecture. The core participating Canadian Universities are York (Sociology), Concordia (Centre for Broadcast Studies and Sociology and Anthropology), McGill (Art History and Communications), UQAM (sociologie) and the University of Calgary (Theatre). Participating European institutions include The Free University of Berlin, The Technical University of Berlin, Berlin School of Arts ; Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology, Maynooth University of Ireland.

2. Project Director for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences grant to The Center for Broadcasting Studies : The Diniacopoulos BBC World News Project.. Director of a project that completed preservation of the only existing off air BBC Radio World News Archive 1968-1986. 8000 hours of CD ROM radio are held in the Concordia Center of Broadcasting Studies. The BBC has almost none of this material at its disposition as none has been saved.

3. 1998-01 Social Science and Humanities Standard Research Grant. 3 years. The serio-comedy project. A multi-stage archival based research program that pursues a comparative study of the seriocomic genre, produced by the English and French networks of the CBC against the backdrop of the shifting contexts of Canadian and Quebec societies in the twentieth century. The genre portrays both serious and comic satirizations of current events, traditional values and vernacular languages from a contemporary point of view. Research from this phase of the research program (1985-98) includes the comparative study of the CBC and Radio-Canada situates the comedies of the period : Kids in the Hall, This Hour Has 22 minutes, The Royal Canadian Air Farce, Le Bye Bye ; Moi et l’autre, La Petite Vie.

Livres (auteur)

2002 , The Norms of Answerability : Social Theory Between Bakhtin and Habermas. Preface by Caryl Emerson (Princeton). Albany : State University of New York Press.

1994, Le Canada de Radio-Canada : Sociologie critique et dialogisme culturel. Toronto : Éditions du GREF.

Livres (coéditeur)

2008 Acts of Citizenship. Co-edited with Engin Isin. London : Zed Publications.>art261]

Journaux (Co-éditeur)

2005, Dublin : Continuity, Contradiction and Change ; Special issue of Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, Vol 30, no. 2, with K. Bonner and M. Horgan. (Eds.)

1994, Les francophonies nord-américaines. Co-edited with Françoise Boudreau. Sociologie et sociétés. Vol. xxvi, no 1, 220p.

Contributions à des ouvrages collectifs

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2004 For a Sociology of the Norms of Answerability : Citizenship and Global Justice After Rawls. Annual meeting of the American Association of Sociology, San Francisco, August 13-18.

2004 Discussant for Five Papers in the theme« Les acteurs : Nature et rôles des nouveaux acteurs de la scène mondiale. » for the conference on Crise de l’État, revanche des sociétés. Nouveaux regards sur les relations transnationale. ACSALF, UQAM, May11.

2004 Georg Simmel : Entre l’éthique et la politique de la rue. Le spectacle politique dans la rue. Colloque International, Universite Concordia, Groupe de recherches sur les entree solennelles. 1,2,3 Avril, Montreal. _ !—if !supportLineBreakNewLine]— _ !—endif]— 2004. Simmel and Bakhtin : The Cultures of Citizenship. Acts of Citizenship : A Symposium, March 27-31st, York University, Toronto.

2004 « Média et sociologie : entre deux mondes ? » Table-ronde La place de la sociologie dans les médias : Quel espace pour l’explication de notre société ? Président : Serge Bouchard . Panélistes : Denise Bombardier ; Greg Nielsen ; Jean Pichette ; Louise Vandelac. UQAM, Montreal.

2003 John Rawls : Reading With and Against. Presentation for The inaugural South-North Exchange on Law, Theory and Culture : Beyond Formal Democracy :Re-conceiving Self Determination. University of the Americas, December 10th -13th , San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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2003 Citizenship and the City. Presentation to the Graduate Programm in Communications and Art History. McGill University.

2002 Constitutional Patriotism and Human Rights. Presentation to the first meeting of the Ford Foundation Think Tank on Human Rights in Latin America. San Juan, Porto Rico, Dec.3

2002 Soul City : Why Bakhtin Kant Lecture. Culture of Cities Speaker Series, York University, Toronto. Febuary.

2001 Citizenship and Diaspora. Toronto, MCRI Summer Institute, The Culture of Cities. June 17-24.

2000 Citizenship, National Identity, and The City. Berlin, Technical University, MCRI Summer Institute, The Culture of Cities Conference, July 14 -19.

1999 A Dialogic Approach to National Identity. School of Law, University of Connecticut. Dec 3.

1999 Simmel’s Shadow. Paper presented to the Ninth International Conference on MM Bakhtin. Berlin, Frei Universität.With Tapani Laine (equal contribution).July 24th,

1999 The Quebec Question : A Postsovereignist Reading of Habermas, Taylor and Kymlicka. Kenote speaker for the “ Third Rolland Seminar” at The Research Institute for Social Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland, May.21st.

1999 Quebec Sociology Meets Political Philosophy. Talk given to the Graduate faculty in Sociology, Frei Universität, Berlin, John-F. Kennedy-Institut fur Nordamerikastudien, April 21st

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1999 Integration and Citizenship : Comparing the German and Canadian Models. Talk given to the research seminar on multiculturalism at the Institût fûr Allgemeine Pâdagogik : Arbeitsbereich : Empirische Erziehungwisssenschaft. Frei Universitât, Berlin. August.15th.

1999 Bakhtine : Entre l’éthique et l’esthetique. Paper delivered to Le seminaire pluridisciplinaire de la Culture, Université de Montréal, Febuary.

1999 North American Dynamics : Social, Political and Cultural Aspects. Session Chair and Discussant for Americain Studies Association Meetings. Montreal, October.

1998 Looking back on the Subject : Mead and Bakhtin on Empathy and Dialogical Ethics. For the International Association of Sociology Theory Section, July.

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